The Wild Atlantic Way is the road trip of a lifetime and Ireland’s first long-distance driving route. Stretching from the Inishowen Peninsula in Donegal to Kinsale in County Cork, travellers can navigate and discover Ireland’s wild, west coast.

The Wild Atlantic Way is where land and sea collide, Ireland’s last frontier against the marauding Atlantic Ocean. It is a journey along Ireland’s soul where wild raw beauty is your constant companion, with spectacular Irish coastal views that will take your breath away.

Stretching 2,500km along Ireland’s western seaboard, the Wild Atlantic Way is a captivating drive and the longest defined coastal drive in the world. Official Signposts, maps, website and app will be ready for the launch in March 2014 and the drive also conveniently connects with Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coastal Route.

Who should travel the Wild Atlantic Way?

Outdoor Activity Seekers

The Wild Atlantic Way is a thrilling route to explore the great outdoors against a backdrop of Ireland’s unspoiled land and seascapes. On and near the WAW there are adventure centres providing coasteering, hiking, climbing, windsurfing and cycling; plus fishing, sailing, kayaking and surfing.

Culture and Heritage Experience Seekers

The Wild Atlantic Way passes through tiny coastal towns, villages bustling with character and cultural cities along the western seaboard – many of which tell fascinating tales of history as vivid as the WAW landscape. Cultural events featuring Irish literature and writing, creativity, traditional dancing, arts, music and song offer a host of treats for the Wild Atlantic traveller.

Road Trippers

Reignite your passion for life by driving the Wild Atlantic Way, on its winding roads that hug some of the wildest Atlantic coastlines in Europe. From sunrise to sunset, what awaits the road tripper to discover from every cliff top to lighthouse are… amazing panoramic views, Irish culture, mouth-watering food, friendly locals, enchanting sunrises and romantic sunsets, famous landscapes, and much more on this unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Jump into Ireland!